Persian Deluxe Cooking Box. Cookbook and Specialty Ingredients. Ethnic Cuisine DIY Kit.


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Learn how to cook delicious and beautiful Persian dishes at home with this amazing box set. The cookbook is full of step by step photos allowing even a novice cook to make these delicious dishes. The cookbook also has a whole page of tips on how to make your dishes look like pieces of art. Also included are all the specialty ingredients needed to make the recipes! Impress all your friends when you make a saffron rice cake, stuffed with flavorful chicken, and garnished with ruby red barberries and brightly colored pistachios.

The deluxe box has all the fun of the Persian Cooking Box PLUS 1 full gram of Spanish saffron. While saffron is readily available in stores, this saffron is added in at wholesale prices and is used often in Persian Cooking. The fragrant Advieh spice is made with rose petals, cinnamon, cumin and more! The entire kitchen will smell delicious when cooking with this spice blend.

The slivered pistachios are only sold at a handful of locations in the United States. Their bright green color and nutty taste add color and texture to your dishes that take them from great to truly AMAZING.

The jewel like barberries are small and tart adding just the right amount of WOW factor to your recipe. Cook them with butter and sugar to make a sweet and sour addition to your rice.

Culinary rose petals! Yes, you can eat them AND make rose water. Decorate cakes, rice, pastries, yogurt and more with these beautiful pink and red petals. Leave them whole or grind them up to make a deep pink powder that you can sprinkle with powdered sugar on your sweets.

This makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn. A perfect gift for Christmas, housewarmings, birthdays and Mother’s Day.

Take the frustration out of learning ethnic cuisine with this box that not only includes a great step by step cookbook, but all the hard to find ingredients needed to make the dishes.

Includes: step by step cookbook, rose petals, slivered pistachios, barberries, saffron and Advieh Rice Spice Blend.

**Persian Cooking Box (without saffron) is available in our store for $34.99**

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