Persian Cooking Box. Cookbook and Specialty Ingredients. Ethnic Cuisine DIY Kit.


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Learn to cook Persian cuisine with this gourmet box set!

Anyone can learn how to prepare a delicious Persian feast fit for a king.


1. A step by step cookbook with authentic recipes.

2. A fragrant Advieh rice spice. The entire kitchen will smell delicious when cooking with this spice blend.

3. Slivered pistachios (only sold at a handful of locations in the United States). Their bright green color and nutty taste add color and texture to your dishes.

4. Barberries, a small, red, tart berry similar to cranberries. Cooked with saffron, sugar and butter they provide a jeweled tangy bite to your dish.

5. Culinary rose petals. Use them whole as garnish, grind them into a powder or to make fragrant rose water.

This box kit makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who likes to cook. It’s a great choice as a gift for Christmas, a housewarming, a birthday or Mother’s Day.

*Persian Deluxe Cooking Box includes 1g Spanish Saffron for only $5 more. Available in our store for $39.99*

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