Moroccan Cooking Box. Cookbook and Specialty Ingredients. Ethnic Cuisine DIY Kit.


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Learn to Cook Moroccan Cuisine with this gourmet box kit. You don’t even have to search for specialty ingredients – it’s all in the box. Anyone can learn how to make this delicious cuisine!

Learn the exciting Moroccan technique of combining sweet and savory flavors within the same dish. Make the popular preserved lemon and olive chicken or apricot lamb; pair cinnamon and sugared almonds with orange chicken; or caramelize onions with honey, raisins, nuts and spices and serve them on a tower of buttery couscous.

Cooking is good for both your physical and mental health by providing nutrition and as a way to relieve anxiety. Cooking ethnic cuisine can take some of the boredom out of cooking by introducing new flavors, ingredients and techniques.


Cookbook: Step by step pictures and instructions for 10 different dishes.

Ras El Hanout Spice Blend: Hand blended using 21 different spices and florals creating an incredibly complex, yet subtle, combination of flavors. This fragrant spice blend will make your kitchen smell DELICIOUS when you’re cooking with it.

Harissa paste: Made from chilis, it adds a flavorful and smoky heat to vegetables and stews. It’s a unique flavor that is unlike anything sold in US stores.

FOUR inch cinnamon sticks: Moroccan cooking often pairs this ancient spice with savory dishes. Just pop one the saucepan with your chicken or other meat and you will be stunned at how tasty the flavor combination is.

Preserved Lemons: High quality lemons preserved in salt and thier own juices. The preserving process retains all of the flavor while removing the bitterness creating an amazing, yet mellow, lemon flavor in your dishes.

This box makes a great gift for yourself or anyone who likes to cook. Great for Christmas, housewarmings, birthdays and Mother’s day!

**Moroccan Deluxe Cooking Box includes 1g Spanish saffron for only $5 more. Available in our shop**

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