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A complete works cookbook set featuring author Jennifer Agugliaro whose passion is to bring ethnic cooking to the American table.

Margie and Jenny’s Traditional Family Cooking is a cookbook full of tried and true recipes from this large, multinational family. Included are traditional recipes from around the world. The book also has a very large baking section that includes the entire family’s Christmas baking recipes.

Thai Cooking is a recipe booklet of over 10 recipes that includes step by step pictures on how to make Thai curries, noodle dishes and soups.

Moroccan Cooking is a recipe booklet that includes step by step pictures of how to make Moroccan tagines and B’stilla using equipment that you already have in your kitchen.

Persian Cooking is a recipe booklet that teaches the art of making rice dishes (amongst others) and beautiful dish presentation. You’ll learn to serve a feast fit for a king.

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